Empowering enterprise and educators with cloud computing.

We provide cloud services, data centre solutions and architecture.

Our services help organisations spend their time, money and talent on what matters most to them.


Infrastructure, backup, disaster recovery and on-demand Desktop as a Service (DaaS) from the Data People Cloud.

Data Centre Solutions

Providing cohesive and integrated data centre compute, storage and network solutions.

Architecture and Strategy

Structured approaches to ensure the right problems are solved, the right way.

We're at our best when the projects are challenging.

Consolidated Infrastructure

Using our IT transformation experience, we helped an organisation consolidate 20 data centres into two strategic data centres, saving millions.

Software Defined Networking

Helping an organisation move from a hardware-restricted network model to a Software Defined Network (SDN), enabling rapid self-service spin up and tear down of test networks on demand.

Port Automation

Data People provided the underlying compute and storage technology to automate two of the busiest ports in Australia.

The Smart Campus

A single identity across Active Directory, school management systems, Azure AD, MIFARE smart cards, building access management systems, print accounting and cashless payment.

VMware vCloud

Development of an IT as a Service framework to enable consumption virtual infrastructure on demand.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Data People helped an organisation provide team members with access to enterprise applications on Apple iOS, Android and Surface tablets with the VMware Horizon suite.

Empowering Infrastructure

Hitachi storage implemented by Data People at a New South Wales university provides petabytes of storage to researchers with on demand.

One of the busiest news websites in Australia

Data People transitioned one of Australia's busiest news websites to the NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP platform with zero downtime.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backups for an unlimited amount of servers charged per gigabyte, per month.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for schools

As easily as schools federate with Microsoft to get Office 365 and Google to get Gmail, federate with Data People to get Virtual Desktops.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for universities

Ability to reduce costly capital investment in university computer labs via virtual desktops delivered onto student owned devices.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for enterprise

Virtual desktops on-demand, starting now.

Managed Virtual Desktop

For organisations with Microsoft licensing agreements, dedicated virtual desktop infrastructure in the Data People Cloud.

Powered by the Data People Cloud

With points of presence across Australia, providing high-speed delivery of infrastructure (IaaS), backup (BaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS) and on-demand Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is simple.

Our optical partners and cross connects provide high-speed access to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.


The flexibility and power of VMware without having to worry about the hosts.


VMware NSX and OpenFlow allow infrastructure in our cloud to appear on your networks.


Backups are distributed geographically to our Points of Presence across Australia. Data always remains in Australia.

Infrastructure at the speed of now

By colocating the Data People Cloud across Australia, we deliver high speed, low latency and high performance services to our customers.

Uploading is believing

Our optical partners Vocus, iseek, FirstPath, AARnet and Azzurri provide high-speed, low latency access to the Data People Cloud.

Size matters

We sneeze at 2TB research datasets. We also back them up.

NFS mounts to the desktop

Starting at 1TB. Ending somewhere in the petabytes.

Secure and Worry Free

Securely connect to the Data People Cloud via secure VPN, metro Ethernet service or dark fibre.

We use the F5 VIPRION and BIG-IP platforms to secure applications, block DDoS attacks and streamline secure access. VMs are hardened from attack with hypervisor-level AV and regular vulnerability scans.

The Data People Cloud is built by a team of engineers in Sydney.

We believe technology well delivered can be a force for good. If you have a project with urgency and ambition, we’d love to work with you.

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