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Desktop as a Service for Schools

Cloud desktops from $2.50 per student, per week.


Any app, anytime, anywhere.

Cloud desktops are accessible from school-issued devices (one-to-one) or student owned devices (BYOD).


Office 365 or Google Apps customer?

As easily as you federated with Microsoft or Google, federate with us to get cloud desktops for your staff and students.

Our Latest Work

Powered by the Data People Cloud

With points of presence across Australia, providing high-speed delivery of infrastructure, backup, disaster recovery and on-demand Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is simple.



All the flexibility and power of VMware without having to worry about the hosts.


VMware NSX and OpenFlow allow infrastructure in our cloud to appear on your networks.


We have high-speed access to Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. Consume services like Office 365 and Amazon S3 at lightning speed.


Backups are distributed geographically to our Points of Presence across Australia. Data always remains in Australia.

Infrastructure at the speed of now

By colocating the Data People Cloud across Australia, we deliver high speed, low latency and high performance services to our customers.


Uploading is believingUploading is believing

Our optical partners provide high-speed, low latency access to the Data People Cloud. And yes, we’re on AARnet.


Size mattersSize matters

We sneeze at 2TB research datasets. We also back them up.


NFS mounts to your desktopNFS mounts to your desktop

Starting at 1TB. Ending somewhere in the petabytes.


ico-secure-avoid-internetSecurely connect to the Data People Cloud via secure VPN, metro Ethernet service or dark fibre.


ico-encryptVMs are hardened from attack by hypervisor-level AV, perimeter secured by next-generation firewalls.


ico-distributionData People use industry-leading security measures and processes when working with your infrastructure.



North Sydney
The Data People Cloud is built by a team of engineers in Sydney.

We believe technology well delivered can be a force for good.
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